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Dr Virendra Kumar Has Experience Of More Than 34 Years Of Homeopathic Practice. He Believes In Providing Best Possible  Medical Care To His Patients. Successfully Curing 2,00,000+ Cases.
He Is Known To Give Quite Amazing Results With Homeopathic Medicines in Various Chronic Conditions, Infectious Diseases & Diseases That Don’t Respond Too Well To Modern Medicines.

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Get The World Class Homeopathy Experience And
Better Results As Compared To Other Conventional Methodologies.
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We Are Open Twice A Day  & 7 Days A Week, With Exception To Sunday Evenings.

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Common skin conditions include: moles, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis.


Chickenpox, Coughs, colds and ear infections in children, Croup etc


General Cardiac Illness Like Hypertension, Cholesterol & Angina.


Sexual, Psychological & Mental Disorders.


Stones, Gall Bladder Or Kidney Can Be Prevented Or Treated.


Including Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis.


Pneumonia, Asthma, Bronchitis Etc

Eye Ent

Issues Relating To Eye Or Nose Or Throat, Rhinitis Etc.

Range Of Treatments

We Offer A Wide Range Of Treatment Options From Pediatric, Skin, Geriatric, Cardiac, Orthopedic, ENT And Gynae. A Complete Family Clinic Under One Roof.

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Dr Virendra Kumar

Senior Homeopathic Consultant

Owner cum Senior Homeopathic Consultant at Kumar Health Care

Video Tour On Homeopathy

The basic principle of homeopathy is the “law of the similar”, i.e., medical conditions are to be healed with remedies that are similar to the condition. It´s often called gentle medicine, natural medicine, alternative medicine, complementary medicine, bio medicine, or natural healing.

Dr Virendra Tyagi

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Get The World Class Homeopathy Experience And Better Results As Compared To Other Conventional Methodologies.

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  • I was suffering from chronic leg pains. Found good results after getting homeopathic medicines.

  • I got very good results. I was suffering from chronic sinusitis.

    Shilpi Gaur
  • I was suffering from psoriasis. I took treatment from Dr. Kumar for about a year and am happy to see the results.

    SK Gupta
  • I was suffering from patchy baldness they called it as alopecia areata. I got very good results within 1.5 months.


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We Use High-Quality Dilutions And Fully Computerised Patient Management System To Improve Efficiency And Reduce Risk Human Errors

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Rest Assured You Are In Well Experienced Hands Of Dr. Virendra Kumar.


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