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Dr. Virendra Kumar
Dr. Virendra Kumar Has Experience Of More Than 26 Years Of Homeopathic Practice. He Believes In Providing Best Possible  Medical Care To His Patients. Successfully Curing 1,30,000+ Cases.
He Is Known To Give Quite Amazing Results With Homeopathic Medicines in Various Chronic Conditions, Infectious Diseases & Diseases That Don't Respond Too Well To Modern Medicines.

Yamuna Vihar

Kumar Health Care

Dr. Virendra Kumar’s Homeopathic Care Centre
He Is One Of The Best Homeopathic Physicians In Delhi
He Is Considered One Of The Best Homeopathy Doctors In Delhi
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Kumar Health Care

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Call Us @ : +91-9717-12-1521

Call Us @ : +91-9717-12-1521